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Deer Meadows Home Health and Support Services, LLC Awarded CHAP Disease Program Certification

We have made the Pennsylvania Homecare Association proud again this year, as Deer Meadows Home Health & Support Services, LLC claims yet another 5 Star Rating from the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)! We are honored to accept this achievement, and will continue to provide quality, convenient, and affordable healthcare for all our patients; we expect to get 5 Stars every year!

Now, if you are asking yourself,

“What do these 5 stars represent? Why the accomplishment?”

Well, allow us to elaborate what it takes to get this top rank from CMS. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to match the high standards that come with a 5-Star Quality Rating. Once you see some of the guidelines, you will see what we are so excited about.

What is CMS’s 5-Star Quality Rating?

The 5-Star Quality Rating System was conceived to aid patients, and their families, by making sure that they receive the best medical treatment available. This Star System aids healthcare providers as well. CMS’s System allows caregivers to speak up about various medical establishments, thus, enabling growth by pinpointing the areas that need improvement. A lack of Stars is CMS’s way of showing struggling organizations where, and how, to improve their shortcomings. Overall, the 5-Star Quality Rating System helps guide struggling establishments, and this brings about better, and more, quality healthcare providers everywhere.To get a 5-Star Rating means that the establishment has met all requirements, and is essentially a very trustworthy, and suggestable, source for medical treatment. Here is how CMS rates healthcare providers:

  • The Staffing Rating is based on hours of care provided by nursing staff in nursing homes. A high Star count in this rating correlates to a highly-dedicated staff!
  • The Health Inspection Rating is based on health inspection records spanning back three years; good and bad reports. 5 Stars in this Rating means an immaculately spotless health inspection record, and one that has been consistent!
  • The Quality Measure Rating is assessed through 11 different clinical, and physical, measures for nursing homes, and uses more than 12 million nursing assessments to assure that the quality of your healthcare is tip top. Our 5 Star Rating attests to our services’ great quality!

If you are interested in learning more about CMS’s 5-Star Quality Rating System, learn more at the CMS website.

Celebrate with Us!

So, now you can see why we are so excited to claim this 5-Star Rating for yet another year! By providing dedicated, quality care, our team of professionals has once again proven themselves to be extraordinary at what they do. Celebrate with us today as we lift our glasses to the dedicated men and women who made this happen, and to the better future that great healthcare will bring to all.

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