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War is not a pretty ordeal. Most Americans are aware of this reality, but without keeping documents alive—pictures, firsthand reports, and other memorabilia—the grim reality of war, and the sacrifice that soldiers put forth to serve and protect our great country, may be lost in the dense fog of history. In order to avoid future generations losing track of the past, someone must search for, collect, and preserve the many accounts documented by soldiers who fought for this proud nation.

Someone must protect these precious artifacts, just as the soldiers who held them protected our freedom. Without the latter, how will our children understand the past? Well, luckily for generations to come, on October 27th, 2000, an organization sprouted up that dedicated itself to preserving and showcasing war related artifacts spanning from World War I all the way to the most recent war; the Iraq War.

The Veterans History Project has focused its energy on sharing various historical accounts with the public. From written memoirs and video-taped interviews, to drawings and scrapbooks, the Veterans History Project has promised the American public that no generation will ever forget the sacrifice, destruction, and hardships that American soldiers faced. Nobody likes war, but if the horrors associated with battle are forgotten, then it is likely that our grandchildren will stumble into the same situation that has plagued our past.

Deer Meadows Home Health and Support Services is a proud advocate of the Veterans History Project. Like the patriotic organization itself, we believe that a healthy future relies on a healthy understanding of the past. We strongly support our veterans, and our staff is happy to donate their time to aid in the preservation and collection of artifacts that will grant knowledge to those who will follow our footsteps into tomorrow. On July 27th, 2017, Stanley A. Rynkiewicz and Irene Dudley joined the Liaison Specialist, Owen Rodgers, in Washington D.C. at the Library of Congress to show their support and love towards this important American tradition.

Here at Deer Meadows Home Health and Support Services, we strongly support our troops, our veterans, and our future generations—thus, the Veterans History Project. We know that for our nation to efficiently move into the future ahead, the generations to come must fully embrace the ghostly footsteps of the past; those sullen whispers forever imprinted on the long path of American history.

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