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Philadelphia Home Care Agency

Deer Meadows Home Health and Support Services, LLC Awarded CHAP Disease Program Certification

A referral to a home health provider should be considered if any of the following conditions are present and assuming the patient will have any difficulty safely leaving the home or it requires a taxing effort on the part of the patient or their family.

  1. Patient has a new diagnosis or an exacerbation of an existing chronic condition.
  2. Patient is at risk for falling due to balance, weakness, caregiver deficits, home safety concernsor new assistive devices.
  3. Patient has new or >3 prescription medications prescribed and has deficits that may impact medication compliance.
  4. Patient has no/limited/inadequate caregiver support necessary to realize consistent and safe, stablization at home.
  5. Patient needs education/assistance with wound care, disease process or associated signs and symptoms.
  6. Patient would benefit from in-home rehab to restore strength and balance for ADLs such as bathing, ambulating, transfering.
  7. Patient has or is at risk for unstable vital signs and would benefit from daily monitoring for some time.
  8. Patient is at risk for readmission in the weeks after discharge for any reason.
  9. Patient has some pain that might interfere with their activity at home.
  10. Patient has cognitive deficits/dementia that may impact medication compliance, depression, socialization.

Philadelphia Home Care Agency

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