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In today’s fast pace environment, where most us find ourselves shuffling multiple tasks per day like an old riddle book, it is no secret that distractions have become so abundant that many of them are dangerous. As we struggle to keep up with the never-ending loads of tasks and things to be done, all bombarding us at light speed, we tend to lose focus on some of the more important things; like our safety.

Texting and driving has become an enormous problem on the road today, claiming countless motor accidents, from minor to major. In 2014, The National Traffic Safety Administration brought forth some troubling statistics. Within that year alone, 16% of all motor accidents had been a result of texting and driving. Sadly, 18% of injury causing accidents were the cause of texting and driving. To elaborate with some numbers, in 2014, NTSA recorded approximately 431,000 injuries and a tragic 3,179 deaths that came about from texting and driving—520 deaths were took those who were not texting and driving; they were just unfortunate enough to cross paths with someone who was texting while driving. This distraction is becoming more deadly by the year!

In Australia, studies were conducted with drivers who were texting, and research concluded with the drivers displaying lower reaction times. In other words, when we are texting while driving, our reaction time significantly plummets; the latter being a recipe for a disaster on the road. Next time your phone dings with an important text message while you are driving, just remember this: You are, in fact, reducing the likability that you will be able to respond, as you will be significantly inducing your chances of an accident.

Spread the word, and lead by example. Although it may be simple for you to not text and drive, statistics have shown that 10% of drivers who are between the age of 15 and 19 are involved in fatal accidents. Share the knowledge with the younger generation, and teach them how devastating this daily distraction can be.

If responding to a text is THAT important, take a deep breath, and safely pull to a rest stop to handle the text message. However, what text message could be more important than your life? Let us work towards discarding of this deadly distraction for good. Let us help put an end to texting and driving, because we all deserve a better road to drive, and a longer road to live. 

Philadelphia Home Care Agency

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