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Skilled Nursing and Support Services

Professional, Trained Medical Assistance

If you or a loved one needs assistance with scheduling and keeping medical appointments, following through on doctor’s recommendations or managing a chronic illness, the Certified Nursing Assistants and Skilled Nursing professionals from Deer Meadows Home Health & Support Services are here to help.

Skilled Nursing Services

  • Caring assistance for patients with chronic illness.
  • Providing continuing education and support for family members and other care givers.
  • Ensure follow through on doctor's recommendations.

Scheduling medical appointments, and ensuring attendance to scheduled check-ups. In addition to Nurse Case Management, Deer Meadows Home Health & Support Services offers additional home support in the form of Companion Escorts, Personal Care Support, Medical Management, plus In-Home Health Care, Physical Therapy, Occupational TherapySpeech Therapies and Home Infusion.

Our professional staff are ready to help you and your caregivers by providing expert and caring assistance and guaranteeing that you’re getting the best possible medical care.

The journey to good health and a better quality of life can be stressful to the patient and those who take care of them. We’re here to help ease the process for everyone concerned.

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