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I Have Never Had Such Great Care!

My Nurses, Carol and Christie were outstanding and went above and beyond to help me get better. They had great attitudes and very good bedside manners. I couldn't be happier with them. Gabi taught me a lot of different things to help me along that I had never been taught by any other Occupational Therapist. Diane always great as well. She was there to help me whenever I needed her and I couldn't thank her enough. My doctors were shocked at how fast I improved with the help of this team and Deer Meadows. Thank You!

Joanne W. Philadelphia, Pa July 2017

They Are The Best In-Home Care I Ever Had!

We've had home health care before and it can't compare, they were great. Our RN's Susan and Caryann did a fantastic job.

Mary V. Philadelphia, Pa May 2017

Marvelous Help, Very Understanding and Great Manners!

It was the best care I had ever received! Carol, Armel, Gabi and Diane were fantastic and I couldn't be happier. They had great manners and were very professional.

Peggy G. Philadelphia, Pa April 2017

Prompt, Professional and Understanding!

My mother has been through over 8 home care companies and Deer Meadows Home Health and Support in Philadelphia is the best one we've ever been to. Their compassion is out of this world and I cannot believe how professional the nurses were when dealing with my mother. The nurses pay attention to detail and are always there when my mother needs them. They treat my mother as if she was their mother. My mother has hearing and vision problems and they understand how to talk clearly in order for my mother to understand what they are saying. I could not be happier.

Jeff L. Philadelphia, Pa March 2017

They Were Great!

I thought they were all wonderful and the care was great.

Patricia S. Philadelphia, Pa February 2017

Very Nice People!

They're very good. Dawn, Meryl and Adam were all very nice. Thank you.
Sylvia E. Philadelphia, Pa May 2016

Highly Recommended!

The nurses Susan, Toni and Adam are fantastic and would highly recommend Deer Meadows Home Health to anyone needing home care services.
Raymond Y. Philadelphia, Pa May 2016

I Wish I Had Them All The Time

Everyone at Deer Meadows Home Health Services was fantastic. The nurses, aids, and therapists were so good to me, and I miss them. They were kind, compassionate, and patient. When I first came home from being in the hospital I was ridden with anxiety, but they helped me become at ease.
Mary Ann P. Boston, MA 05/12/2015

Trustworthy and Would Recommend to Anyone

Deer Meadows Home Health Services provides home health care to me. So far the experience has been very good. They have been very responsive and they think outside the box. They are trustworthy and they have a good work ethic. They keep me on schedule with all my medications and therapies.
Gerrilyn S. Philadelphia , PA 05/04/2015

Efficient, Effective and Personable

Dear Meadows Home Health Services is efficient, effective, and personable. I felt that both the nurse and physical therapist were always prompt, nice, and very efficient with their services. I thought the treatment regimen was very successful.
William Q. Philadelphia, PA 03/17/2015

Excellent Service and Care

Everything has been going fine so far with Deer Meadows Home Health Services. I have two nurses with them that come out to my home daily, and a physical therapist. They give me good service so far. They are very courteous, and if you have a question, they do their best to get you the correct answer.
Lawrence H. Philadelphia , PA 03/13/2015

My Experience Was Wonderful and I am Very Pleased with Everything

Deer Meadows Home Health Services were here when they said they would be here. They helped me with therapy and now I feel stronger. The woman who helped me bathe was accommodating and helpful. The nurse was also beyond helpful and answered any questions I had.
Dorothy P. Philadelphia, PA 03/12/2015

Very Good Experience

I really seem to have had a good experience with Deer Meadows Home Health Services. The nurses and doctors gave me a pretty good service all through my therapy. I was quite satisfied with how they answered all my questions. Everything went very well.
Barbara B. Philadelphia , PA 02/09/2015

Very Satisfied!

The staff at Deer Meadows Home Health Services were very nice. The nurses are efficient and really sweet. I had broken my hip and had to go through a lot of rehab for two months. The only thing I'm not happy with is their prices because they are expensive but if you can afford them, their services are worth it.
Ruth B. Philadelphia , PA 02/04/2015

No Complaints

Deer Meadows Home Health Services offered and gave me everything I needed to recover. They were prompt, on time, professional, and knew what they were talking about. I really didn't have any complaints about them.
Patricia S. Philadelphia, PA 09/17/2014

Very Nice!

Deer Meadows Home Health Services was very nice. I know Mary and Margaret and I really appreciate them. All the new girls, I don't remember their names, but I want to say, from the old lady in room 511, thank you! I can't say thank you enough.
Ruth M. Philadelphia, PA 08/06/2014

Would Recommend!

I used Deer Meadows Home Health Services last year, and Melanie was my nurse. She was terrific! Everything was good, and I have no complaints at all. I would recommend them!
Geralyn V. Philadelphia, PA 07/14/2014

Good Experience!

I'm a home-bound patient, and I have a certified nursing assistant who comes three times a week. The nurses and service at Deer Meadows Home Health Services are great. I've had a good experience with everyone, from the phone to the office.
Dorothy F. Philadelphia , PA 07/11/2014

Good Service!

I am a client of Deer Meadows Home Health Services. They give three good meals a day. The care is adequate, and they seem to be on top of things. If you have not tried them yet, they are definitely worth a try.

Shirley K. Philadelphia, PA 06/06/2014

Very Happy!

We have one visiting nurse, Gina, from Deer Meadows Home Health Services who visits every week. We're very happy with her. She really is terrific.

Lorraine L. Philadelphia, PA 05/28/2014


For my mother-in-law, I've used Deer Meadows Home Health Services to have a nurse come out here twice a week, along with a physical therapist, occupational therapy, and a home health aid, Diane. So far, everything's been working out well. They've been very professional!

Dorothy M. Philadelphia, PA 05/21/2014

Great Service!

I had an emergency with my catheter and Deer Meadows did a fabulous job getting me back to where I needed to be. The individuals there simply knew what they were doing and I was very grateful for that.

Norman H. Philadelphia, PA 01/21/2014


We have been using Deer Meadows Home Health for more than a year now. They are very professional and so very helpful. Each professional that is scheduled to come to my parents' home whether it be a Licensed Nurse to Physical Therapy all do a terrific job.

Margi J. Philadelphia, PA 01/17/2014

They're Good To Me!

Deer Meadows Home Health Services has been good to me. I have no complaints. They send the same people each time, and they really try to give me whatever I ask for as quickly as they possibly can. I would recommend other people to use their services, as well.

Fernando D. Philadelphia, PA 01/17/2014

Very Caring, Compassionate Team

My dad was in the hospital and wanted to be at home rather then go to a nursing home. I got in touch with Deer Meadows Home Health Services. The physical therapist did a great job getting him back to walking. The nurse came out a couple of days a week and helped him here at home.

Bill H. Philadelphia, PA 09/23/201

The Very Best Experience and Care

I got the very best treatment at Deer Meadows Home Health Services. I had fallen, and that's the reason I had to be admitted there. I had wonderful people take care of me in home care, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

Janice G. M. Philadelphia, PA 09/18/2013

Great Service

I am a solid supporter of Deer Meadows Home Health Services. If anything comes up I will support them 100. I used the in home services for a medical condition I have and I felt positively comfortable with the person they sent out. I was delighted.

Robert A. Addington, PA 08/20/2013


The nurse from Deer Meadows Home Health Services takes care of my husband. They do a really good job with everything they do. They are very efficient.

Patricia Z. Philadelphia, PA 06/05/2013

Very Pleased!

I have a nurse, Media Nelson, who comes out from Deer Meadows Home Health Services. She is just very professional, courteous, and very compassionate. I like her very much. I think that everything she is a good representation of Deer Meadows. I would certainly recommend Deer Meadows.

Barbara M. Philadelphia, PA 03/26/2013

Incredible Service!

Deer Meadows Home Health Services were so cooperative and gave me such good service. I had to have blood drawn and I couldn't get in touch with the lab that usually does it for me so I called Deer Meadows people and they came down within 5 minutes and did the bloodwork.

Joseph M. Philadelphia, PA 02/20/2013

Great Physical Therapist!

I always recommend Melanie and Pat the phsyical therapist at Deer Meadows Home Health Services. Just being themselves, they are easy to get along with, they do beautiful work and they are knowledgeable. I have used them for a while.

Helen G. Philadelphia, PA 02/20/2013

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