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2016 "Wild On Wounds" Conference - Rio Hotel, Las Vegas

2016 Wild On Wounds - Rio Hotel, Las Vegas
As the Wound Care Education Institute (WCEI) states on their website, "Wild on Wounds℠ (WOW) is the national wound conference designed for healthcare professionals that are interested in enhancing their knowledge in skin and wound management. Clinicians come from all over the US to see, touch and participate in our hands-on workshops.

They also learn about all the new and advanced wound care treatments and technologies to better help care for their patients. At WOW one of the most important sessions is the Buzz Report is where you'll find out what's hot in wound care, including new products, guidelines, resources and tools. It's an information-packed session that, just by itself, is worth the trip. Health care professionals can elevate their clinical skills thanks to a powerful lineup of interactive and advanced how-to sessions, along with plenty of hands-on workshops. You'll get to participate in product training with industry experts that will advance your knowledge of wound care technologies. WOW provides the kind of networking opportunities that allow you to truly engage with others in a meaningful way. Wound care is serious business. Whether it's staying abreast of healthcare reform changes or learning about new treatment guidelines, being the best at what we do is paramount. And giving yourself the gift of this conference and everything it offers is a tangible way to revitalize, re-energize and find your wound care mojo."

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