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Deer Meadows Home Health and Support Services, LLC Awarded CHAP Disease Program Certification

Our health is important us—the latter holds no surprise. With knowledge never-endingly pioneering into medical innovations at a non-stop acceleration, healthcare has reflected much of the revolutionizing methods involved. However, life still throws many curve balls our way, and maintaining health can be hard to keep up with!

Many fear that by switching healthcare providers, the result will conclude with imminent inconvenience. Medical information is beyond important, and private. Shouldn’t there be a way where patients can be guaranteed their medical records’ security? Furthermore, would it not be dire to make sure such sensitive information be transferred from one health care provider to another efficiently and intact? Well, that is where KeyHIE enters the equation.

KeyHIE (Keystone Health Information Exchange) is the new revolutionary option to exchange health information. The group of innovators strongly stands by three words: Interoperability, integrity, and service. The latter promises safety, efficiency, and convenience for all users. Not only does this digital exchange grant patients a higher quality of healthcare, but it is shared amongst doctors and nurses to aid in difficult situations. In summary, by joining KeyHIE, patients are not only helping themselves, but they are helping other patients in need; perhaps ones who have challenging cases. By allowing health information to swiftly glide through the electronic process, doctors can easily access any records they made need at any given time.

This innovation in healthcare has cut time in half by avoiding fax and phone calls—both which delay treatment. Our health is number one, correct? Well, then the system in which we seek treatment should be operating at a number one level; the best of the best. A lot of patients may feel uneasy that their health information is being exchanged amongst healthcare providers. However, there are two dire aspects patients must consider when pondering KeyHIE:

  1. KeyHIE only shares information with doctors that are relevant to the case they are treating. Therefore, if a doctor needs information pertaining to the specific ailment, he/she cannot pull up a patient’s entire history, just the information pertaining to the case at hand.
  2. This new way of exchanging information is 100% VOLUNTARY. Without the consent from a patient, information will not be available for other healthcare providers. In other words, the choice is yours!

If you find yourself in another state, KeyHIE allows you to say farewell to tedious paperwork and tests; all the information will be immediately available to the acting doctor or nurse. Whether it be your own health in a place far from home, or a difficult case of someone unknown, KeyHIE splices newfound efficacy and innovation to provide the best healthcare experience for providers and—most importantly—the patient: YOU!

Philadelphia Home Care Agency

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