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Deer Meadows Home Health and Support Services, LLC Awarded CHAP Disease Program Certification

We received a personal letter from one of our patients family members today and would like to share it with everyone. Good job Margaret!

Dear Ms. Dudley,

I’m writing to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to Margaret, the occupational therapist who helped my mother get back on track after a very severe shoulder injury. My mother’s name is Louise, and she lives in Room 407 at Deer Meadows. As soon as my mother got back from the hospital, I received a call from Margaret, who had immediately intuited that it would require a special effort to make a connection with my mother. My mother suffered an anoxic brain injury four years ago, and after a long phone call, Margaret really “got her.” She found out her name was Joan, not Louise, and that the way to connect with her was through humor. She went through family photo albums with her to spark her memory, and she educated the aides to allow my mother to do things for herself rather than do it themselves in the interest of time. In these ways and many more, through texts and phone calls with me on her own time, Margaret was able to get my mother back very to a level very close to where she was before the surgery. This means the world to me and my family. So I just wanted to give a little shout out to Margaret, an unsung hero–at least she is to us!

All best wishes,

Dawn Drzal

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