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Philadelphia Home Care Agency

Home Health Care Services

Our Philadelphia Home Care team will help you with suffering from an acute or chronic illness, having difficulty leaving home, or need care at home – let our #1 rated home care team help. Our highly-skilled and trained staff have provided welcoming, compassionate, and caring services to thousands of Philadelphia residents for over a decade.

Philadelphia In-Home Care

In-Home Care and Home Health Care Services

Wound Care

Deer Meadows offers a Philadelphia Home Health team of Wound Care Certified (WCC) Registered Nurses who plan and provide care for our patients with complicated wounds, pressure ulcers, and/or any patient who has a potential skin care problem, in order to assist the patient in achieving a maximum level of wellness and independence. The WCC will consult with other members of the health care team in the management of acute and chronic wounds.

After-Surgery Care

At Deer Meadows Home Health and Support Services, we believe that the best place to recover from a surgical procedure is in the comfort of your own home. Our Philadelphia Home Health team consists of a highly trained clinical staff including Nurses and Therapist. Our team will evaluate the medical condition of the patient, develop and implement a course of care, as well as create a comprehensive education program for the family and other caregivers.


In our COPD program, we will help you recognize when your symptoms get worse, educate you and your family on disease management, improve your ability to stay active, reduce hospitalizations, prevent COPD exacerbation and help you be as independent as possible.

Congestive Heart Failure

Our Philadelphia Home Care team specializes in caring for patients with congestive heart failure. Our heart failure patients are less likely to go back to the hospital and are more likely to see improvements in breathing, walking and the ability to do daily tasks. We empower you by monitoring changing in condition, education about disease management, and monitoring vital signs and symptoms.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a disease that requires constant monitoring of blood sugar, eating a proper diet, and getting plenty of exercise. We can assist in monitoring blood sugar, administer the correct medications, educating in proper diet and disease management.

Fall Reduction

Our Philadelphia Home Health team will work preventing falls by addressing issues such as vision difficulties (cataracts, glaucoma, vision loss), musculoskeletal issues (weakness, pain), functional or cognitive impairment (memory loss, loss of a limb, difficulty walking), chronic conditions (such as COPD, Parkinson’s, CHF), medications, and home safety.

Stroke Care

Our team understands that post-stroke recovery process places a lot of stress on the patient as well as family caregivers. They will assess, educate, and manage care for you so that you can maintain maximum independence.

Cancer Care

Our Philadelphia Home Health team will create a care plan for each patient, and their family, to help you navigate treatment. We will assess and set up a plan of care with your doctor. We can provide wound care, ostomy care, IV treatment, giving and supervising medicines, monitoring your condition and watching for side effects or complications.

Philadelphia Home Care Team

Compassionate Home Health Care Team

Skilled Nursing

Our licensed nurses provide medical services such as wound care, ostomy management, infusions, medication reconciliation, and management of disease. Our nurses coordinate your care and make sure that you receive the care you deserve

Physical Therapist

Our fully licensed and certified Physical Therapists will help you regain mobility, balance, muscle strength and endurance. They will help you return to your prior level of functioning and will help you adapt to new ways of moving.

Occupational Therapist

If you need help in regaining strength and regular function, such as eating, dressing and bathing, our Occupational Therapists will come to your home and work with you in the very environment where you will be spending the most time. They help you by identifying barriers and implementing solutions to assist you with day to day activities.

Speech and Language Therapists

Speech and Language Therapists help evaluate and help patients recover from a range of difficulties such as those arising after surgery or a stroke, communication issues, and cognition and thinking issues.

Medical Social Work

Our medical social workers will assess your needs, help connect you with any local resources that may help, provide crisis counseling, and support. Our social workers are knowledgeable on local resources and will help you navigate the complex bureaucracy and financial struggles that can arise when managing your illness or injury.

Home Health Aide

Our compassionate home health aide will provide you with support with tasks related to personal hygiene, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.

Philadelphia Home Care Agency

Professional Home Care You’ll Love

Our Philadelphia Home Health team and Philadelphia Private Duty Care team of trained Clinical Staff and Home Health Aides can provide you with the best professional and compassionate home care you deserve.