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Deer Meadows Home Health and Support Services, LLC Awarded CHAP Disease Program Certification

Deer Meadows Home Health Care (DMHH), led by Administrator, Stanley Rynkiewicz, has been instrumental in ensuring a collaboration with District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund. Initially, the original interest was to hire quality nurse aides for home-based clientele; however, the partnership has grown to DMHH hiring over 6 PYN Youth Nurse Aide student graduates, active participation in 1199C job fairs, and participation in industry partnership discussions. In addition, DMHH hosted 2 summer work-ready interns and successfully engaged them in healthcare administrative work over the course of six weeks.

Staff at DMHH has been instrumental in the transitioning of youth to employment, and one administrative assistant, Kate Liggins, has been key in this process. Ms. Liggins has conducted several interviews with PYN students, and for those that land a coveted position, she ensures proper orientation and training needed. For those that aren’t the right fit, she offers helpful feedback and tips for them to consider when moving forward.

The 1199C Job Developer has communicated with students now working at DMHH and they affectionately refer to Kate as “their second mom.”

This year we intend to continue to develop our partnership with DMHH through continued job placements, participation in employer panels, and tours of their nursing facility, and job shadowing opportunities for our PYN Nurse Aide students.

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