Month: December 2018

Weekend Referral Program

Deer Meadows Home Health and Support Services is the only home health care agency in the Philadelphia region that guarantees a 24 hour response time for patient admission referrals.”Physician practices, skilled nursing facilities and hospitals find it incredibly difficult to find a home care agency that is readily available to accept their patient referrals on a weekend”, says Marketing Coordinator Shawn P. Hanshew. “We are always available by our cell phones and we have a dedicated e-fax line in place to accept weekend referrals. The physician, skilled nursing facility or hospital can send their referral to our e-fax, and the referral information will go directly to our on-call clinical and administration team. From there, an assessment nurse will call the patient or patient’s family to schedule the start of care the very next day.” says Hanshew. Deer Meadows Home Health and Support Services is the only five star rated home health care agency in Philadelphia and is the home health care agency of choice within the medical community because of our guaranteed 24 hour start of care- even on a weekend!

If you have a weekend referral or would like more details of this program, please contact our Marketing Coordinator Shawn Hanshew at (267) 648-0361 and Our weekend referral e-fax number is (484) 361-4619.

Written By  Shawn Hanshew

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