Month: September 2013

Featured Session Speakers at Wild on Wounds National Conference

Stanley A. Rynkiewicz III RN MSN WCC® DWC® CCS, Administrator at Deer Meadows Home Health, was inspired to coordinate a one day Wound Care Clinic in his home town of Philadelphia.  The event took place on May 11, 2013 with staff that included volunteer nurses, Wound Care Certified (WCC®) and Diabetic Wound Certified (DWC®) clinicians and co-sponsor Dr. John M. Fanelly DPM, a local podiatrist.

The clinic was a huge success as close to 100 Philadelphians came from all over the community, ranging in age from 35-85 years. The knowledgeable staff were a welcome sight to those attending and the appreciation could be seen on their faces. Since the event went so well, another DWC foot clinic event was coordinated on August 10, 2013.

Since Deer Meadows Home Health partnered with theWound Care Education Institutefor both of these events this year, Mr Rynkiewicz andIrene DudleyRN BSN CCS OMS, Clinical Director of Deer Meadows, shared their experiences in detail at this year’sWild on WoundsNational Conferencein Las Vegas, September 11-14, 2013.

In a session called Paying It Forward, the other professional attendees were shown how they can help their community. The hope was to inspire more clinicians to coordinate these clinics in their own communities across the country.Below are some photos from WOW:


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